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Tiki Life

Not many lifestyles incorporate so many elements that make up their existence.

Tiki does. From art to fashion, music, food and drink, design and destinations, culture and modernism all shape choice and authenticity that is fun to for partakers and truly reflects a vehicle for escapism.

If you happen to live near one of the many Tiki bars in the world, you will find a good starting point to experience many facets that make up Tiki. Tiki bars tend to be designed as the modern day public house where friends and strangers alike share and speak to the culture of tiki.

From there, many people bring Tiki elements in their living space or lifestyle. Tiki is about escapism, celebration and social interaction. While having a definitive history Tiki Life remains relevant today with even more options to explore than ever.

Here are some great links I use to research Tiki Life:

Growing up in Southern California I was fortunate to take many trips to Disneyland starting in 1971! Of course, Adventureland was a favorite and I believe we still have home movies of the Jungle Cruise and the Enchanted Tiki Room. Even in college in the early 1980’s, I was picking up and wearing vintage Hawaiian shirts from thrift stores.

Being a 20-year veteran of Nordstrom and along with 7 years at Tommy Bahama shaped my tastes regarding the culture of Tiki, albeit more modern. I love providing a place for socializing and Tiki is so much more fun once you experience it first-hand.


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